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Election Campaign Management Company Bijnor || Call +91-8266883323 | Political promotion Company Bijnor

Nexus Media Solution Provide political promotion services in Bijnor to help you boost up your image & reputation using the target society (Voters). Our team can even utilize the voter labelling framework to convey email impacts through the Nexus Media Solution. Since we are the best political campaign management Agency in Bijnor, we enable possibility to send the same number of mass messages to their constituents as they have to, at whatever point they have to, with no extra charge. Hopefuls can essentially choose the voter tag or labels to be focused by their email impact, and afterward send it, easily speaking with whole regions at the snap of a catch. Then again, political campaign management agency in India incorporate our hands-on expert administrations, which assist applicants with administration techniques, for example, showcasing, publicizing, web-based social networking, and considerably more. We work with campaign groups to speak with the competitor's electorate in a key way, notwithstanding making a completely incorporated site where the hopeful can make blog entries, flaunt pictures, and let constituents agree to accept mailing records or take an interest in online surveys
Basically, We are committed to fulfilling the all the requirements related to e-campaign & Promotion service in India. We make Visible you on multiple channels such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Facebook, Pinterest, through Our established connections and resources. We deliver your Voice to more peoples to aware them. .

What we offer..

    Public Relation Management

    "Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics." Public relations can also be defined as the practice of managing communication between an organization and its publics.
    • Public relation include works done for society by political party.
    • Key roles are Political campaigns (strategies, tactics and tool pr vote)
    • Effective role in public communication (through media)
    • Publicity of ideas (agendas of party publicity, good will image)
    • Educate voters (info through public relation)
    • Image building
    • Management of communication between politicians and public (smooth flow of communication)

    WhatsApp Political Marketing

    The past few years have seen WhatsApp become an increasingly powerful and influential tool for political campaigns in the Global South. For many people in the Global North, it may come as a surprise that participation in large WhatsApp groups constitutes the majority of online communication for many users in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. While WhatsApp helps politicians reach voters and constituents in areas that don't otherwise have access to the internet, it also extends the reach and primacy of Facebook (who own the platform) in the democratic process in these countries. This article reveals some of the many ways WhatsApp is being deployed as a major part of the political process in countries including Brazil, Colombia, Kenya and Malaysia.

    Why WhatsApp?

    • It allows creation of groups of up to 256 people, generating large communities of close contacts
    • Messages come directly to the user's phone, from known contacts, and therefore feel ‘personal’
    • The immediacy of message delivery can create a feeling of urgency about particular topics
    • It can be used to penetrate rural communities that don't have access to other platforms
    • It can be used to target small groups with specific messages
    • Messages are often not contextualised or verifiable via surrounding links or news stories
    • It can allow political groups to mobilise supporters
    • It can allow immediate and direct calls for action to spread virally4
    • It is cheap/free
    • Communication is encrypted

    Social Media Political Campaign

    To understand our social media political campaign and to understand its greatness, lets take an example of Prime Minister level election campaign In India. We have seen millions of quotes and memes regarding the political Advertising Marketing during the last elections. However, How much did each candidate has spent on the promotions? The candidates have used official Facebook and Twitter accounts to get the message out, but that's not where the majority of the money have spent.

    In the case of Mr.Narendra Modi political Advertising Marketing, the team has used many different ways like the Youtube. They approached many YouTubers to put the pre-ready videos on their channel. The company who happens to be the responsible for all the task has hired a creative team to get the job done. They have hired a team of professionals who are not only creative but also a small media-related company. So these media companies started to approach Youtube channels who mainly target Young audiences aged between 18-30+, then make a video where the BJP stands in applaude.

    However, now they have been deleted or removed by the Admin, just to avoid any buzz after the election over and the results announced. The role of Social Media is that these media companies use their connections to meet up with the people who own or have social media pages with an amazing following. The BJP was promoting "Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar" slogan in a creative way. The highest number of shares and likes came from the Facebook platform. However, none of the promotions was leading to the best political Website.

    Video Promotion

    Video ads are everywhere. They are on your TV, facebook and at YouTube. Smart marketers use video to promote fame of a politician and political ideas. With the explosion of digital media and viral advertising, video creators can reach larger audiences faster than other ways. What you need is just a powerful story. Whether you're running a campaign for local politician or for post of Prime Minister, video can change the face of your campaign.

    How video promotion helps in political promotion in Bijnor

    Message given in video need to be clear. What's the key point you want voters to take away? Take the heart of it and mould it into a slogan. A slogan draws on your emotion and pulls it up to the surface. It's the shared sentiment you and your voters share, distilled into a catch phrase.

    Video should be drawn on the emotions people share. Common ground are found and story told about how politician will help make improvements on it. Paint a story of how he can make things better. Music and imagery used to capture the eye and imagination and to draw the audience in. We need the people to picture themselves in our shared vision of the future and feel excited to be a part of it, because, long after our words have faded from their minds, people will remember how we made them feel.

    When people who trust us are repeated with certain ideas over others, it influences their decisions. How do you know what you should repeat? Identify the key things that are on your voters' minds. Sketch out a few phrases that highlight those things and use the phrases often in different contexts. When you're asked a question, bring it back to this key point.

    Social Media Marketing in Bijnor

    A lot of things in our day-to-day lives have gained new dimension with the aid of social media—shopping, advertising, travel. But was anyone prepared for social media’s impact on politics?

    Regardless of political affiliation, the last presidential election and the campaign trail that have followed have made for one of the most interesting political cycles yet.

    To help make sense of it all, this guide demonstrates how any political candidate—whether it be local, state or national—can get the most out of social in their campaign strategy and display some impressive digital marketing for their audience and the nation as a whole.

    Best Ways Social Media Can Improve Campaign Engagement

    • Future Political Effectiveness Is Going to Be Based on Social Networks Because that is Where “Trust Filters” Operate.
    • Recognize that Campaign Organizations No Longer Control Electoral Discussions, But that Ideas Come from Grassroots Networks.
    • Employ Facebook Comments and Status Updates to Drive Civic Conversations.
    • Create Virtual Opportunities for Citizen Feedback and Deliberation.
    • Create New Opportunities for Engagement Through Mobile Communications.
    • Geo-Location and Behavioral Advertising Allow Activists To Reach People Efficiently and Effective.

    Why Choose us?

    We would offer all of you the previously mentioned administrations for your political campaign. We have great experience of helping the political contenders in planning their political Campaign. These Campaigns are valuable and powerful and will help you in contacting the voters. So allow us to outline your political crusade and help us convey your voters to you. Call us on +91-8266883323 For more details Click Here!